I don’t like rehearsing with a script in my hand – it gets in the way.  So I’ve been learning lines for Hamlet our brother – there are lots.  The rehearsal space at the Jack Studio (above) is the typical sort of thing: a ramshackle room where ideas slowly grow into some sort of creative poetry – a strange kind of blissful struggle…Ooowee, listen to me wax lyrical.

Been doing Lesley Fightmaster’s 90 day yoga fix cos I’m as fit as a fiddle that’s been soaked in bechamel sauce…give it a go…she’s supah.

The independent feature film Our Shining Sword (in which I play a Second World War bomber pilot) opened an IndiGoGo crowd funding campaign to help finance the next block of filming in April.

A voice acting agency got hold of me asking for my voicereel – they’re looking for South African accents. My voicereel is old and crusty so I’m updating it and will send it over to them asap.

That’s it…on I go…pamparapapAAAA


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