Whiskey and warmups

Hamlet our brother: It’s just me out there, I never leave the stage and there is no interval for the 1h30min show.  The language is Shakespearean and a lot of the delivery is intense.  The show is vocally, physically and mentally demanding – undoubtedly one of the most challenging performances I have ever done.  It demands a very good warmup.

I start with a 45min physical warmup – one that Tim (Stubbs Hughes – director) shared with me.  It is heavily influenced by Thai Chi and lends itself to focus and balance and finding relaxation while under stress.

This is followed by a 45min vocal warmup.  Basically I go through 3 stages as I gently warm my voice right up to performance level: 1. Breathing 2. Resonance 3. Articulation.  I make sure not to force the voice at any time.

[Post-run update]

My voice did struggle, but it got to the end of the run in tact…go voice!  I also looked after it by drinking lots of water, boosting my immune system with goji berries, having hot drinks made with ginger, lemon and honey and sometimes adding some whiskey in the evenings…dronkie!


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