Must try be supah-supah!

The clocks have changed and we are back into these loooong English summer days. The everlasting British winter has come to an end!  Acting winter, however, is in full effect as I find myself between jobs and auditioning without much success.  Yes, there are currently a lot of no’s.

“You were supah…unfortunately someone else was even more supah!”

My most disappointing ‘no’ at the moment was for a play about Zimbabwe.  The character was Southern African (my strong point) so it sucked getting a “no”.  At least they told me and soon after the audition too.

No response leaves me waiting and wondering.  It lingers.  But as time passes I gradually forget the whole affair…that is until I’m reminded again when I see a review or trailer, the commercial pops up on TV or I hear another questionable South African accent in the cinema! But this is normal, ja…

Moving on:

I’ve had a few commercial castings over the past few weeks. I’m currently pencilled for one so hopefully it’ll be some other actor’s turn to ask, “why did they choose this monkey???”  I have another audition this afternoon with a casting director I haven’t seen before – if I can make a good impression I might be invited again in the future…that’s really important and I gotta admit I don’t get that right enough – I only have a few casting directors who keep calling me in.

I’ve also realised, after Hamlet our brother, that I need to do more vocal exercise.  I’m not a fan of squawking away while everyone in a 50 metre radius can hear me.  So, I’ve been investigating vocal/isolation booths.  Buying one is not an option, they are stupidly expensive.  However, I’m pretty nifty with my hands so I’m keen on a DIY version.  There is a tonne of information (and disinformation) out there to wade through.  I’m starting with the ventilation system – ordered an extractor fan and will play with that when it arrives.

This all costs cash-money and I still haven’t figured out how to grow a money tree and I don’t want to end up selling tissues on a train.  So I’ve taken some marquee erecting work next week – luckily I don’t have to be supah-supah to put up tents and Boss Nick very kindly didn’t say “no”.


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