4 Days in The Desert

Back from filming the new webseries, The Desert, 4 shoot days later.

The script was exciting, the cast and crew were excellent and everyone was pushing for the best results – in short a very cool project to work on.

Not often I find myself in my own hotel room at the end of a shoot day – totally awesome getting a comfy en suite where I can switch off and regroup for the next day.

Shoots are crazy things – time becomes different – I love it.  Like wrapping the day at 01:30am: everything is dead quiet and I’m exhausted but buzzing from the last scene – makes night time very different.

As planned I managed to lose a bit more weight to help embody my character Simon.  By no means a Christian Bale/The Mechanist affair, but I’m hoping it adds to Simon’s unhealthy state.  I was massively tempted to tuck into catering (doughnuts and chips were top on my list) but I managed to hold out till the end – go stomach!  I eventually broke the fast back at the hotel with a family sized pack of chocolate éclairs…ummmhmmm


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