It’s already Feb?!

I went to South Africa in December, got back in January and suddenly we’re half-past-February…and I havn’t landed a single acting job yet.

So what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve made some changes, and though they might seem like the cause of my joblessness, they’re actually all attempts to increase my productivity:

  1. Cancelled my social media accounts – they echo too much.
  2. Left my agent (on good terms with best wishes and an open door).  So I’m self-repped for now.
  3. I registered with a background agency.  Logic?  My priority is to get time on film and television sets in whatever way possible. (I might be judged according to industry taboos about background work.)
  4. New look – let’s see if it does something.


I also have jury duty in March.  Happy to serve, but a bit frustrating having those dates taken out of play.

And yes, I’m still doing the marquee work to avoid starvation: most recently a week away in Swansea doing 10 hour shifts in the cold and rain.  Ja, I’m all about character building.


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