New showreel

Ok, so I’ve been doing a bit of research as to what casting directors are looking for in showreels. Basically I found a few recuring bits of data:

They don’t have much time, so keep it short and get ’em straight to the acting part (ie. no montage or moody-music-opening sequence) have a few contrasting scenes showing roles that I play best; a bit of variation of course, but not so much that they can’t really place me.

Though I’m proud of my previous reel, it did contravene a lot of this data. It was looong (4min30sec), more like a montage without showing enough sustained performance and possibly showed too much variety.

So here’s my latest offering to the Gatekeepers: 2min long, straight to the acting, 5 contrasting pieces that play my strengths and zero montage…I hope they think it’s supah.

[I’m still holding onto the old reel (renaming it ‘montage reel’) as it still works well as a longer piece if anyone has the time. It also reveals a bit more range and showcases some pretty cool productions I’ve worked on…this too is supah, ja.]


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