Writing to casting directors

I’ve heard it said quite a few times by casting directors: “Only mail us when you have something to tell us.” Well, I have my new acting showreel, a few more projects under my belt and a new look. So I got in touch.

I mailed about 170 casting directors and got a good response: 6 replied. As far as my experience goes, that’s supah. Also chuffed to get some helpful feedback:

In short, the showreel seems good. The beard and longer hair on the other hand are neither here nor there. One casting director mentioned that it wasn’t really necessary since I have photos showing me with and without; and that wigs and hair pieces these days are very good. Another pointed out that she finds beards can get in the way and make casting confusing.

My own reason for letting my hair grow out was to develop a ‘look’ that differentiated me from the very many clean-cut actors out there – helping me gain an edge for a niche of roles. Admittedly, this ‘look’ is not quite there yet and it’s all a bit messy at the moment. The feedback makes sense and I definitely don’t want to limit my casting opportunities. I will have to do a bit of thinking on this.

I was also asked why I didn’t have an agent. I explained my reasons but added that I’m definitely up for representation. Interestingly, I was advised to include a similar explanation when I do get in touch with agents (which is big on my ‘to do’ list – more about that in a later post).

So it’s onwards I go with a little more planning to do and action to take…oh ja, and jury service for the next two weeks.


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