Free Headshots

My look is changing regularly at the moment. This, of course, makes having an up-to-date headshot quite tricky. Professional headshots set me back upwards of £100 and can comfortably soar past the £300 mark.

When I bought my DSLR camera, one of my hopes was to regularly update my own headshot. However, taking a professional pic is no mean feat and there are good reasons actors use professional photographers. All the same, over the last few years, through much trial and error (very much), I have gradually crept closer to an acceptable finish. What I’ve discovered is this:

1. A helping hand is kind of essential.  Ideally someone equally keen to learn about f-stops, apertures, iso’s, focal lengths and so on.  [A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Jo for being my supah trigger-buddy x]

2. The light makes the shot. I have found one or two spots where the natural light seems to do something special.

3. The magic happens on the computer. I use Darktable and GIMP (both very powerful and free) for processing. I always strive for an honest shot so I don’t do too much – just make ’em ping a little.

Anywayz, enough jabbering. The shots above are my most recent: with beard and now without.  I’ve taken the advice I received after my recent casting director mailout and got rid of the beard.  Feels good to have a shave again…aahhh, supah.


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