Flexing is supah

Wednesday morning: Jo heads to a student short film shoot.  I grab a cuppa tea, sit down and work on my screenplay.  Get on the mat and do my yoga.  About to move on to my vocal workout when the phone goes:

“Hi Jef, one of the actors didn’t show up!  I told the director you might be able to fill the role.  What d’ya think?”

“Jo, I haven’t booked a single job this year, if I get any rustier I’ll need a tetanus injection.  Tell Mr. Director I’m on my way!”

Now here’s the thing: at the beginning of this week I saw my bank account – not a pretty picture.  I also got a call from my events job for a few days of work.  Hooray!

Except…for some reason I didn’t take the work.  If I’d taken the work I would have earned more money, but I wouldn’t have been available for this shoot.  And I wouldn’t have spent two days on a film set meeting fellow actors and a bunch of fresh film makers.

On top of this I found myself on a student film set again, which hasn’t happened in a while.  And this got me thinking I need to explore this avenue again because there’s a lot to be gained from flexing my acting muscles more regularly instead of holding out for weightier credits.


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