Give it a Shot

I was invited to write a role for Dominic West in a new film being produced by Dana Brunetti…this is true…sorta.

OK, OK, here’s the realz:

There’s a competition called Jameson First Shot.  It’s been running for a few years and targets emerging filmmakers, particularly writer/directors.  Entrants must write and submit a script about the great and/or unexpected things that can happen when you fear less and let life in.  Each year a well known actor is involved and scripts must feature them in a key role – this year it’s Dominic West.  Three winners get to direct their films with the help of Dana Brunetti, his team and Mr West – wouldn’t that be sweet?

Judging by the track record of previous winners I don’t expect to be selected.  However, I do think I have a supah script and even if nothing happens, it’s been time well spent:

I had a writing brief and a deadline to work towards.  Now I have a script ready to develop and a point of conversation if I ever find myself in an elevator with Dana or Dominic.