Argyle Crown presents…

I’m now officially also a writer and director.  AND this is the first project from my newly minted production wing, Argyle Crown.  Enjoy.

Birdwatcher is a short film I’ve had in the works for a while.  The title is slang used by British Intelligence for a spy.  The plot: dinner for two, deception for one.

The story was inspired by a painting by Alexander Pope, The Fox – Fair Game, which features in the film and poster. Other inspirations include the low-light photography in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (below left) and 17th century Vanitas paintings (below right: Vanitas – Composition with flowers and skull by Adriaen van Utrecht).

It’s HERE!

A little bit later than scheduled what with a few minor hoops to jump through, our new children’s picture book, “The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can!” has arrived and is now available for all kiddywinks everywhere!


Am supah-proud of the next adventure with our colourful friend, The Rare Monkey!

The Rare Monkey

Currently illustrating the second Rare Monkey children’s book. Jo has finished writing a wonderful new story and we’ve set ourselves a schedule for the next two months. If all goes to plan the new book will be ready for all-kiddy-winks-everywhere by mid October.

It’s nice to have something creative on the go that shifts my brain away from acting for a bit.  Whether it’s illustration, a diy project, looking after a basil plant, whatever – it is almost always useful to come back to my work after a shift in energy and focus.

I can’t remember where I read it (I think it might have been Penelope Cruz) but someone said something along these lines: “It can’t all be about acting – that would drive you nuts”

…that’s some good sense right there, ja.