Be a producer

You don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to give you a role.  My buddy Rob Oldfield is a great example of this – he’s made a number of short films to showcase his talents and ideas.  I’ve been involved in a few of them and this week he had a role for me in his latest short film, “Josh”, which sits in the suspense/horror genre (he’s a big fan).

I play a ghoulish character, but can’t share much more just yet (Rob wants to avoid spoilers).  The ‘set-selfie’ above is of Rob and Jean Wong (DOP) – lots of fun working with these guys.

We wrapped after the last tube, so I had to catch two buses home.  No, I didn’t catch a cab – I’m a ‘brassic’ actor.  Home by 02:00 then up again at 06:00 to get to a marquee job in Wimbledon…thinking I should follow Rob’s example more.

Steps in the right direction

I said I was going to explore doing more work with students so I got in touch with the 4 major film schools in London (Central Film School, London Film School, Met Film School and NFTS) to offer my services.

Hey presto: this week I was invited in for a table read of scripts with the 6th term students at LFS.  Three actors read three scripts and then we all discussed the writing – what we thought it was trying to achieve, what it did and didn’t give us, where it was strong or where we felt it was lacking.

The class was led by Katie Rae who is incredibly insightful and I picked up a load of gems to apply to my own writing.

Totally up for more….pamparapapaaAAH, onwards and upwards we go.


Instead of serving the usual 2 weeks, I’m now in my third (and hopefully final) week of jury service (I got a longer trial – daymn).  I also managed to developed a chest infection and sinusitus as the trial started (double daymn).  So over the last two and a half weeks I simply went to court then headed home to crash into bed with a fever and headaches.

All acting pursuits grind to a halt.  Time slips away and the gap in my CV grows.  Not cool.

However, I’m feeling better now (thanks), jury service is almost done and this slump will soon be over.

“Onwards,” I say, “Onwards!”…there is much to be done.