Jeffrey Mundell headshots by Chris Mann

Chris Mann shot me

Kapow!  Here they are: new headshots courtesy of Chris Mann Photography.

I chose Chris primarily because his shots do something special that make me look twice – a subtle heightening of the subject’s features (possibly the result of using a 50mm lens unlike the longer lenses favoured by many portrait photographers).

Maybe I’m just imagining it, but I think the effect is great and adds to the sparky, ‘alive’ moments he consistently captures for his clients.  Not to mention that he just takes damn-fine shots anyway.  Check out his website and see for yourself.

The session ran at around 1h30min and Chris was great at putting me at ease.  I could also review the shots as we went along, which I found very helpful.  In the end I had a selection of around 230 to go through, which were ready to download by the time I got home.

I made a short-list to send around for feedback, which I highly recommend (thank you everyone!) and 2.5 weeks later I have a set of superb headshots ready to go to work.

I’ll let you know how it goes :)


Good things come…

Yes, those elusive photos have arrived and I think they look supah.  Check out Gordon’s fandabulous work at

Gordon and I did another shoot on Thursday: black valour jacket with a burgundy background – rather dapper I say, I say! I’ll share those when they make their way to me.

[High res versions of the shots above are available on Spotlight – top menu]


Free Headshots

My look is changing regularly at the moment. This, of course, makes having an up-to-date headshot quite tricky. Professional headshots set me back upwards of £100 and can comfortably soar past the £300 mark.

When I bought my DSLR camera, one of my hopes was to regularly update my own headshot. However, taking a professional pic is no mean feat and there are good reasons actors use professional photographers. All the same, over the last few years, through much trial and error (very much), I have gradually crept closer to an acceptable finish. What I’ve discovered is this:

1. A helping hand is kind of essential.  Ideally someone equally keen to learn about f-stops, apertures, iso’s, focal lengths and so on.  [A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Jo for being my supah trigger-buddy x]

2. The light makes the shot. I have found one or two spots where the natural light seems to do something special.

3. The magic happens on the computer. I use Darktable and GIMP (both very powerful and free) for processing. I always strive for an honest shot so I don’t do too much – just make ’em ping a little.

Anywayz, enough jabbering. The shots above are my most recent: with beard and now without.  I’ve taken the advice I received after my recent casting director mailout and got rid of the beard.  Feels good to have a shave again…aahhh, supah.


“Jeffrey Mundell is…Douglas Miller”

Digital photography is awesome, but there’s something to be said about vintage cameras and lenses and actual film stock.

Callum (director of Our Shining Sword) had an old Fujica AX-1 on set during filming last year.  He snapped this shot of me as Douglas Miller boarding Maid Marion (played by the gorgeous Just Jane).